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Parents are the pivot around which much of our lives revolve. Regardless of age, education and experience they always regard us as their children.

More often than not their advice, experiences and insight into various issues are invaluable. As human beings however there are occasions when there is a difference of opinion. At times like these patience and understanding need to be exercised.

As the saying goes "You always hurt the ones you love”. Bearing this in mind family members, particularly parents, are more sensitive towards their children than anyone else. It is important to think about ones words and actions so that nothing is said or done carelessly or unintentionally which can be the cause of great pain.

Though parents both deserve the same attention and love the main focus in Islam in terms of love, affection and respect is towards the mother.
It is considered a great act of kindness to treat respectfully the friends of ones parents even after their parents have passed away.