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New Muslims Project: Caring for Converts

About us

This website is dedicated to providing support for those new and perhaps not so new to Islam. Conversion to Islam, or to any faith for that matter, can often be a complex and very personal journey. Whether conversion is ‘inward,’ moving denomination but remaining within a faith group, or ‘outward,’ where a complete change of faith occurs, it is almost always ‘awkward’ as practical, cultural and spiritual issues are all renegotiated in light of a new found world view and the challenges that arise as a result.

Converts to Islam

“What we need is a support structure to help new converts. They face many issues from problems at home because of their conversion to confusion over how to practice Islam our communities need to be more inclusive and embrace newcomers to Islam; in many respects converts to Islam have much to teach those who are ‘born’ into Muslim families and simply take this for granted.”

The message of Islam is one based on respect towards the plurality of faiths, ethnic diversities and the variety of cultural expressions we are surrounded by as we move around fulfilling our daily duties and responsibilities. Its principal aim is towards establishing a personal well being for all humanity based on peace, security and social justice for all humankind.

We appreciate that those new to Islam come from a range of backgrounds and this is particularly unique to the UK.  We are delighted therefore to welcome you to the New Muslims Projects caring for converts website designed especially for you and hope that you will benefit from the information contained therein. Our hope is that it will prove to be a helpful resource towards navigating the sea of information that currently exists in all its forms and to establishing new religious identity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on our Helpline if you need assistance, require more information, or you would like to suggest the enclosure of material you feel would be useful to converts to Islam and which does not appear here. The site is just one resource which we hope will meet the needs of converts and we will continue to work, with your advice and direction, towards making it as informative and specialised as possible.

We would like to express sincere thanks to FAITH MATTERS www.faith-matters.org who played a prominent role in the provision of this resource. The work of Faith Matters involves the provision of social programmes based on the themes of interfaith, conflict resolution and community cohesion, platforms where historical similarities are used as the glue to try to get faith communities to try to understand each others perspectives, support for faith communities in building community focussed learning and development resources, support for faith institutions and faith leaders, support for chaplaincy services and in the recruitment of chaplains from different faith groups and international development programmes for faith groups.