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Meeting Point


Meeting Point - Muslim Songs of the British IslesBy Spring of 1994 the New Muslim Project had made contact with over 500 converts around the UK. Regular communication was considered important and ‘Meeting Point’ containing information on events around the country and programmes organised by the Project, was established.

As the the readership grew it became clear that ‘Meeting Point’ needed a new image. Following consultation a new full colour publication was produced. The varied content includes educational articles, current topical issues, book reviews, questions by the readers answered by a respected scholar, as well as lots of information regarding events and activities around the country, some of which are initiated and facilitated by converts to Islam and which can be accessed by the readers.

Mailed out four times a year to 2000 readers, some new, and some not so new to Islam, Meeting Point has been hailed as one of the successes of the Project, with encouragement and support coming directly from those who matter – the converts themselves.

"Just a note to say 'thank you' for this month's Meeting Point newsletter. It was full of interesting articles and made me even more grateful to Allah that I've been chosen to revert" - Sommayah Dini, Peterborough

"Congratulations on the newsletter's new look. The style is better and more interesting. I wish you success with all your plans for future issues!" - Lynne Sandrock, Surrey

"Thanks very much for the recent issue of Meeting Point. I found Khurram Murads article very valuable and enjoyed the article about Abdullah Quilliam - may Allah shower His Mercy and Blessings on them both" - Yaqoob Johnson, London

"Many congratulations on the superb new-look Meeting Point. May it go from strength to strength and may Allah reward you." - Abdul Karim & Ayesha Powell

"I was very happy to see the latest publication of Meeting Point - excellent quality and content - much appreciated." - Yusuf Islam, London

“Meeting Point is exactly what converts need in that it shows the continuing process of conversion, the similarities in the problems and hurdles we all experiencewhether they be social, food, clothing, Christmas…your magazine covers it all!" - Alison Abubaker, Dundee

Through its newsletter, contact is maintained with more than 3000 converts to Islam all over the UK. Contact us directly so that you receive your copy which contains information of educational, social and spiritual content.

Listed below you will find Back Issues of Meeting Point Magazines in PDF format so you can read Back Issues Online or Download PDF's to read later.

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