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Call to Prayer

Caring for Converts

Faith Matters (www.faith-matters.org) works to provide:

  • Social programmes based on the themes of interfaith, conflict resolution and community cohesion.
  • Platforms where historical similarities are used as the glue to try to get faith communities to 
        try to understand each others perspectives.
  • Support for faith communities in building community focussed learning and development resources.
  • Support for faith institutions and faith leaders, as well as converts to faiths.
  • Support for chaplaincy services and in the recruitment of chaplains from different faith groups.
  • International development programmes for faith groups.

The Caring for Converts programme was devised by Faith Matters (www.faith-matters.org) and is being delivered in conjunction with partners that include the New Muslims project. We believe that New Muslims should be provided with the relevant informational support that they require and this site is based on providing that support through the net so that access to key individuals and learning resources within Muslim communities is made easier for converts to Islam. We will continue to work and support this programme in alliance with our key partners.

The ultimate aim of the The New Muslims Project, founded in 1993 was, and continues to be, the identification of the specific needs of those interested in and new to Islam and the provision of a range of services that adequately meets their social, educational and spiritual requirements.

To do this successfully it established and is supported by an advisory board of converts of various years’ experience from across the UK who, together with the Project nationally and locally will, God Willing, continue to develop this work.

The New Muslims Project, in collaboration with Faith Matters, are delighted to be in a position to offer you this opportunity to browse through this website designed especially for you and hope that you will benefit from the information contained therein. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance, you require more information or you would like to suggest the enclosure of material you feel would be useful to converts to Islam and which does not appear on our website.