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About Us

The New Muslims Project was established in 1993 in response to concerns of insufficient services and support being available to those individuals around the UK who had converted to Islam or were interested in finding out more about the faith. The NMP has grown to provide a range of services which aims to meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims.  Through the newsletter, Meeting Point, regular contact is maintained with over 3000 converts to Islam throughout the country. Other services currently offered include Qur’anic Arabic courses, pilgrimages to Hajj and Umrah along with visits to other Muslim states when and where possible. Counselling and advice, a National Support Network and social, educational and spiritual programmes are among the Services provided that is much in demand.

Online provision is available through the NMP e-Group discussion forum and this New Muslims Project Caring for Converts website which facilitates discussion and learning about Islam.

Conver(t)sations: the Unheard Stories of Muslim Converts


This panel was a part of 2nd Annual ICNYU Conference held during the first weekend of February at New York University. Panelists included Suhaib Webb, Raymond Brock Murray, Lisa Shah, Will Caldwell, Musa Bryant, Megan Putney, Whitney Terrill, Lisa Shah, Peter Casey, Cyrus McGoldrick , Jay Dabhi and the discussion was facilitated by Khalid Latif.

Usually when the convert experience is discussed in a Muslim community, the discussion focuses on why the individual converted. Although there is a great benefit in hearing these stories, the discussion never deepens into issues a convert faces after converting. This panel discusses the real experiences that converts face in dealing with the Muslim community after converting as well as issues with family, relationship, education, and many other topics.

ICNYU started the Conver(t)sations program this past January. This program aims to establish an entry point into the community for those who have converted or reverted to Islam. It can be hard for many of us to fit in and find a comfortable place in the Muslim community, and those who are converts are no exception to this. Our hope is to provide an outlet for socializing, mentorship, and discussion that makes the transition process easier for our brothers and sisters who have made the decision to embrace the faith.